Best Cheap Car Insurance in Florida for 2019

In an age where counterfeit car insurance policies are out to rob your money, you have to be careful which insurance company you choose. Without carrying enough research you might find yourself falling victim of these fraudulent auto insurance companies.

In this article, you will know some of the cheapest auto insurance policies in Florida and how much you are expected to pay.

The Best and Cheapest Auto Insurance for Good Drivers

If you are a good driver in Florida, your auto insurance policy is well-catered for. There are 3 insurance companies that can cover you effectively and ensure you are always on the road. From our research we came up with the following top 3:

  1. State Farm: $1025/year or $100/month
  2. Progressive: $2088/year or $174/month
  3. Esurance: $2266/year or $189/month

State Farm – with its headquarters in Bloomington, Illinois, the main service that this insurance company deals with is the automobile insurance. Its experience in the field where it has been in operation since 1922 makes it one of the best auto insurance companies to rely on. With an average of $100 per month or $1,205 per year, you can have your insurance policy.

Progressive – this is one of the largest car insurance corporations in the US. And having been in operation since 1937, it is well-versed with the various insurance market dynamics. It is headquartered in Mayfield Village, Ohio. It comes second in offering you the cheapest cover at only $174 per month or $2,088 per year.

Esurance – having been in the market for slightly 2 decades since 1998, this insurance company has shown excellence in offering its auto insurance services. It cuts across 43 States with over 5 million insured vehicles. They offer lower rates at $189/month or $2,266 per year.


The Cheapest Insurance Companies for Drivers with Poor Credit

If you got some blemished credit history, then State Farm could be your best auto insurance partner in Florida. Poor credit history can have a great effect on the premiums you pay per month. However, you can have the cheapest auto insurance policy with the following:

  1. State Farm – you pay only $208 per month.
  2. Geico – having been founded in 1936, it has great experience in insurance and has grown to be one of the largest auto insurance companies in the US. It has insured over 22 million vehicles since its establishment. You only need to pay $217 per month.
  3. Esurance – it becomes 3rd in this category and will require you to pay $296 per month


The Cheapest for Drivers with a Single Accident

1- If you have just one accident in your record then you can get the cheapest auto insurance policy with State Farm for only $121 per month.

2- Progressive Insurance Company for only $281 per month.

3- Geico Insurance Company for only $321 per month.

Your rates will remain high for 3 to 5 years after you cause an accident or have a moving violation. If you fall into this category, make sure to ask for new insurance rates after the 3 year and 5 year anniversaries of your infraction.


The Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies for Low-Mileage Drivers

1-State Farm Insurance Company is one of the cheapest auto insurance companies in Florida that can favor you if you are a low-mileage driver. With only $100 per month, you can have your car insured with State Farm.

2-Progressive comes second with $174 per month

3-Esurance requires you to pay $189 per month.

If you drive less using public transportation you can also take this insurance policy cover.


The Cheapest for Minimum Coverage

State Farm Insurance Company is also the cheapest when it comes to minimum coverage in Florida. You will need to pay $42 per month. Allstate insurance company comes second with a premium of $63 per month. It started in 1931 hence it has its hand in experience in auto insurance. You can also pay $65 per month with Progressive Insurance Company.


Cheapest for Military Families

You can have a good rating with USAA if you are a military officer or veteran. This insurance policy is not for the general public. If you also have a family member who is in the military, you can have this policy with USAA.


From our research, it is clear that State Farm Insurance Company is the one you should partner with as a driver in Florida while USAA is a great one if you are in the military. Sometimes it may be hard to get insured in Florida as a driver but that should not worry you. All you need is to partner with the Florida Auto Insurance Plan Association. It will give you the support you need and eventually connect you with the right insurance company.